In our webshop you will find one of the market's widest range of products for industrial weighing like loadcells, loadcell mounts,
amplifiers (Laumas TLB, TLB4, TLM8, TLK etc.), weight indicators (Scaleomatic LCD-3, W100, W200, WINOX, SMART), connection box (CB-4TB),load cell simulator (LCS-2), Laumas transmitters and weight indicators for
fieldbuses (Profibus DP, ProfiNet IO, DeviceNet) and EtherNet etc.
EMC immunity test equipment for ESD, EFT, SURGE, DIPS/VARIATION, MAGNETIC FIELD, 10/700 Ás & 'Ring Wave' plus HARMONICS & FLICKER. MIG Modular Impulse Generators for up to 100 kV 100 kA. Testers for Immunity, Lightning & Components according to IEC,
EN, MIL-STD (MIL-461E), aircraft std. (DO-160E), Bellcore, FCC, ITU etc. Emission Testers for HARMONICS & FLICKER.

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Svenska kunder.

Components for Electronic Weighing
  • Large program of  loadcells and loadcell mounts from 0.3 kg to 500 t.
  • Amplifier, transmitter ,indicator, connection box, loadcell simulator etc.
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Svenska, norska & danska kunder.
Impulse Generators and EMC Test Instruments
  • Immunity Testers. 'Full Compliance' instruments for ESD, EFT/BURST, SURGE, DIPS/VARIATION, Magnetic Field, Oscillatory, Common Mode 150 kHz, Lightning, HARMONICS, FLICKER, RIPPLE etc.
  • Lightning Testers up to 100 kV/100 kA for Avionic (DO-160E etc.), Military (MIL-STD-461E etc.) and Telecom (Bellcore, FCC, ITU etc.) equipment. 
  • Component Testers up to 100 kV/100 kA for capacitors, circuit breakers, insulation, protection relays, resistors, varistors, arrestors, SPD, watt hour meters etc.
  • Emission Testers for HARMONICS & FLICKER.
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