In our webshop you will find one of the market's widest range of products for industrial weighing like loadcells, loadcell mounts,
amplifiers (Scaleomatic BRITCO), transmitters (Scaleomatic LCT-1), instruments (Scaleomatic LCD-3, LD-5250, LD-5208, SMART),
connection box (CB-4TB), loadcell simulator (LCS-2), weight modules (Scaleomatic LCT-2) for Fieldbus (Profibus DP, DeviceNet) and EtherNet etc.
EMC immunity test equipment for ESD, EFT, SURGE, DIPS/VARIATION, MAGNETIC FIELD, 10/700 Ás & 'Ring Wave' plus HARMONICS &
FLICKER. MIG Modular Impulse Generators for up to 100 kV 100 kA. Testers for Immunity, Lightning & Components according to IEC,
EN, MIL-STD (MIL-461E), aircraft std. (DO-160E), Bellcore, FCC, ITU etc. Emission Testers for HARMONICS & FLICKER.

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Svenska kunder.

Components for Electronic Weighing
  • Large program of  loadcells and loadcell mounts from 0.3 kg to 500 t.
  • Amplifier, transmitter ,indicator, connection box, loadcell simulator etc.
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Svenska, norska & danska kunder.
Impulse Generators and EMC Test Instruments
  • Immunity Testers. 'Full Compliance' instruments for ESD, EFT/BURST, SURGE, DIPS/VARIATION, Magnetic Field, Oscillatory, Common Mode 150 kHz, Lightning, HARMONICS, FLICKER, RIPPLE etc.
  • Lightning Testers up to 100 kV/100 kA for Avionic (DO-160E etc.), Military (MIL-STD-461E etc.) and Telecom (Bellcore, FCC, ITU etc.) equipment. 
  • Component Testers up to 100 kV/100 kA for capacitors, circuit breakers, insulation, protection relays, resistors, varistors, arrestors, SPD, watt hour meters etc.
  • Emission Testers for HARMONICS & FLICKER.
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